ICLAM is not sponsored directly. If an ICLAM Congress has a surplus at the end, a small part of it goes to ICLAM, for sustaining the websites and activities. The larger part will go to insurance medicine projects in the organizing country. E.g.: Educational programmes (Spain) and Academic Centres (Netherlands).
The active members of ICLAM are unpaid volunteers, subsidized by their respective employers. In a way these employers are unrecognized sponsors of ICLAM, for which we are very grateful.

ICLAM Congress

ICLAM Congresses are sponsored by the insurance industry. In this way, the (re)insurers contribute to the medical knowledge and insurance medical expertise of medical directors and consultant medical officers in the industry. The Local or National Organizing Committees are responsible for the Sponsorship invitations and will receive the benefits. If you want to get in contact with the National Organizing Committee, please make use of the contact form to send an E-mail to ICLAM.

Why should your company sponsor ICLAM Congresses?

ICLAM is the platform where every significant direct insurer and reinsurer world-wide have a presence. Any company with a vision to expand globally can not afford its brand name to be absent on a forum like this. Taking up any of the sponsorship levels will mean that your company’s name and logo will be noticed by all international markets. With a special focus on potential clinets, ICLAM Congresses will be an excellent opportunity for local direct insurers to become visible on the world map, as well for reinsurers to highlight their presence and marketing position in both developing as developed countries.

Financial sponsorship also underlines responsible commitment to ongoing training and research. Main sponsors have the possibility to demonstrate their commitment in he satellite programme. Because companies with official sponsorship will be visible throughout the congress, they will be seen as market leaders world-wide. In summary : ICLAM Congresses will be an opportunity that your brand cannot ignore!

Entertaining your clients

The Organizing Committee will help all main sponsors (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) with finding the right location for their programme on Monday evening. A location that is completely in line with the congress itself. To give you an impression of some of the possibilities, please have a look at our special Dropbox for sponsors.

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ICLAM 2022 Tokyo, October 16-19