Organization profile of the ICLAM Association

ICLAM is a three level organization. The first level consist of members. Membership is free, but restricted to insurance professionals. The second level is called the Bureau. Every participating country can appoint one representative as ICLAM Bureau member. A full list of the Bureau members can be found at the page Bureau. The Bureau meets every three years before each congress. Between congresses, the Bureau is consulted for suggestions as to the topics of interest. Bureau members also participate in Portfolio Committees.

ICLAM is governed by the Board. New members of the Board are recruited from the Bureau and from the ICLAM members. Board members do not represent a country, but are elected on the basis of their skills and expertise for a specific portfolio. The portfolios will be published on the page with the Statutes. Every Board member will establish a Portfolio committee, recruiting members from the Bureau and from the ICLAM members.

As these new Statutes have only been established during the last ICLAM Congress, 26-29 May 2013, some countries have not yet had the opportunity to nominate a Bureau member.

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