ICLAM Presentations 2001-2016

If you have participated in ICLAM 2016 Maastricht, you can ask the website to send a one-time login-link to your e-mail address. With the link you can change your password, provided it is the first thing you do when you use the link.

Once you're logged in, you will find a filemanager at the bottom of this page, with in the section at the right six directories with presentations, ranging from "iclam2001" to "iclam2016".

Your are free to download the files for your own use. However, the files are protected by copyright. You are not allowed to copy, print or distribute the content without written consent of the author. By downloading the files, you agree to this term.

If one of the presentations seems to contain copyrighted material of yourself, please let us know, so we can warn the author.

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