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ICLAM, the International Committee for Insurance Medicine, was founded in 1901 as AIMECA. AIMECA was an association from 1901 till 1932, and since 2013, ICLAM is an association again.

ICLAM is reorganizing the websites
The association has a separate website from now on, on a subdomain of New website will also be created for the next conference in Mumbai, the (Dutch) ICLAM Foundation, and a new ICLAM mobile app. The base website will be used as portal for all other ICLAM websites.

A completely new website also means new accounts for the users, so you'll need to apply for a new password at For this you will need the e-mail address this e-mail is sent to. Do not use the username of the conference website or registration form. They might not be valid.

Problem 1 : Has this e-mail been sent to the wrong e-mail address, or haven't you received any e-mail at all?
Then create a new account. We will check all new accounts to see if they belong to a delegate at ICLAM 2016 Maastricht. If so, we will grant you access to the presentations.

Problem 2 : You can't create a new account, because the e-mail address was used before.
This means you already have an account with that e-mail address and you can apply for a new password. We will notice that you completed the profile and will check if you are entitled to have access to the presentations.

Problem 3 : You can't change the passwaord using the one-time login link.
As you will remember, you have to change the password immediately when using the one-time login. The very moment the full link is no longer visible in the address field of your webbrowser (like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox), you can't change your password anymore. Most people make the mistake to click other links first, but the moment you do, the one-time login link is replaced by the link you clicked. So if you do not succeed in changing your password, we're sorry to say you can only blame yourself.

The website will also ask you for your personal data, like name, job title and company. These data will be compared to the information we received when you registered for our conference. Everything is recorded and handled in accordance with the privacy statement, which will be added to the new website today.

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ICLAM Mumbai 2019, November 10-13