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The ICLAM membership has changed completely
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Since the ICLAM congress in Madrid, in May 2013, ICLAM has opened the organization to all insurance professionals. If you are interested in becoming a member of ICLAM you will have to apply for membership, even if you are already registered on this website. Registration on this website only gives you a subscription to the ICLAM Newsletter.

Did you attend the conference and do you want to access the presentations? Please go to https://www.iclam.org/user/password and try whether the website accepts your E-mail address for sending login information.

This website has two kinds of accounts: (1) accounts created by ICLAM for delegates and contacts; (2) ICLAM members.
If you want to become a member, please create an account and wait for approval. This can take some time, as we have to present your application to the Board member in charge. Are you already registered? Login and open your own profile (after login at assoc.iclam.org/user) to fill in the missing data.

ICLAM membership
    ICLAM membership...
  1. is free of charge.
  2. entitles you to some discount or extra service at the ICLAM Conferences, starting in 2016.
  3. will give you access to the presentations of the ICLAM Conferences, within one year after the conference at New Year's Day. Participants of an ICLAM conference will get access immediately (if there are no legal objections). Others will have to wait for one year more than ICLAM members.
  4. will entitle you to subscribe to the free ICLAM Webinars starting 2017.
  5. includes the subscription to ICLAM Newsletters and to official ICLAM announcements. You can unsubscribe whenever you want without consequences for your membership and included rights. In this case, you will only receive mail in very special occassions, when intrusion is warranted.
  6. opens the possibility of becoming a member of one of the portfolio committees (PFC). Membership of a PFC will depend on your skills and resources.
  7. is open to insurance professionals interested in medical underwriting and claims assessment.
ICLAM membership is not connected to membership of Linkedin-groups, access to Dropbox-directories or ICLAM Conference registrations. These websites have there own registration systems, completely separated from the ICLAM membership system. If you cancel your account and membership, all collected data will be destroyed automatically.
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