ICLAM 2022 Conference

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is it possible to organise an ICLAM Congress in our country?
    ICLAM is working on an official bid procedure. Conferences are planned well in advance. If you want to make your country a candidate for a conference, you have to make this known to the Board at least 6 years before the congress should take place. Requirements can be found in the ICLAM Conference guidelines.
  • Who can organize an ICLAM Congress?
    Only national organizations of insurance medicine can organize ICLAM Conferences. Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs) and Conference Venues cannot, although their involvement is obligatory for Organizing Committees.
  • What are the preferred locations for the ICLAM Conference of 2022 and 2025?
    The 2019 conference will take place in Asia. If possible, ICLAM would like to organize the 2022 Conference on a different continent each time. For 2025 anything goes, but the decision will not be made before 2019.
  • We would like to sponsor ICLAM 019 or 2022
    ICLAM Conferences are sponsored by the insurance industry. In this way, the (re)insurers contribute to the medical knowledge and insurance medical expertise of medical directors and consultant medical officers in the industry. The Local or National Organizing Committees are responsible for the Sponsorship invitations and will receive the benefits. If you want to get in contact with a National Organizing Committee, please make use of the contact form (listed in the right-sided menu under "Welcome") to send an E-mail to the ICLAM.
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ICLAM 2022 Tokyo, October 16-19