Conference guidelines

The objective of these guidelines is to provide ICLAM with a document which will:

  • Assist national organizations in making the decision whether to invite ICLAM to hold a conference in their country;
  • Establish a checklist of the organizational tasks connected with the preparation and realisation of an ICLAM Conference;
  • Help to ensure effective communication and understanding between ICLAM and the responsible National Organizing Committee (NOC)
  • Ensure continuity of traditions and ambience of the ICLAM conferences;
  • Indicate some of the benefits to be gained from taking the advice of a Professional Conference Organizer (PCO), which is mandatory for every NOC;
  • Define the roles of the representatives of ICLAM and the NOC in the organizing process.

The organization of the ICLAM Conferences every three years in different countries is an essential feature of the work of the ICLAM Board.

The arrangements are complex and lengthy, especially as over the years the ICLAM Conferences have assumed a distinct format of events which the participants have become used to, and which has proved to be in the best interest of delegates. This knowledge and experience should be shared with the host committee in the country where the ICLAM Conference is to be held.

Under these circumstances ICLAM has issued guidelines for the use of the NOC who wants to organize an ICLAM conference. These guidelines are intended to cover not only the organization of the ICLAM conference in general, but also the respective responsibilities of the ICLAM Board and the local committee with regard to such matters as finance, professional content, printing, pre-conference meetings, treatment of VIPs, etc. They also define matters on which consultation and co-operation between the ICLAM Board and the local committee is essential.

The ICLAM Board will not give detailed advice to host committees on matters on which Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs) are experienced and expert. The NOC is obliged to use the services of a PCO in order to meet the guidelines requirements of the ICLAM Board, and also to give to the conference the special national flavour which they obviously seek. The ICLAM Board strongly believes that the professional advice available from PCOs is a near-essential element in the organization of a successful ICLAM Conference.

The most recent version of the Conference Guidelines can be downloaded by using the link below.

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