Past ICLAM and AIMECA Conferences

ICLAM Conferences are held regularly every three years.

The outcome of these international ICLAMs is that they provide an update of recent advances in Medicine and Surgery, presented by leading authorities both of national and international standing with particular emphasis on prognosis, which is the core of the underwriting process. Some of the results of the last conferences can be found under Publications.

History: For an overview of the history of ICLAM, please visit the History page.
Literature: For Literature, Abstracts of ICLAM Conferences and AIMECA Proceedings please visit the page Publications.
Names: For names of Conference Presidents and others please visit the page Names in the history of ICLAM.
Flags: The pictures on this page are 947x631 pixels. For a slideshow, go to ICLAM Flags at Dropbox.


logo iclam2019 25. ICLAM 2019 Mumbai India, November 10-13
Pres. Bhatia, Venue
Logo created 2016. Flag created 2016, location Organizing Committee Mumbai, India.
logo iclam2016 25. ICLAM 2016 Maastricht Netherlands, May 22-25
Pres. Kneepkens, SocC Tolsma-Piegza, Venue MECC
Logo created 2013. Flag 205 x 84 cm, created 2013, location ICLAM Foundation.
logo iclam2013 24. ICLAM 2013 Madrid Spain, May 26-29
Pres. Aparicio, ScC García, Venue Hotel Melia Castilla
Logo created 2010. Flag created 2010, location unknown.
logo iclam2010 23. ICLAM 2010 Cape Town South-Africa, February 7-10,
Pres. Coetzer, ScC van Zyl, Venue Cape Town International Convention Centre
Logo created 2007. Flag created 2007, location Swiss Re.
22. ICLAM 2007 Berlin Germany, May 6-9
Pres. Akermann, ScC Maletz, Venue Berlin Conference Center
Logo created 2004. Flag created 2004, location Swiss Re.
logo iclam2004 21. ICLAM 2004 Venice Italy, April 18-21
Pres. Capurro, ScC Antoniotti, Venue Fondazione Giorgio Cini
Logo created 2001. Flag 200 x 150 cm, created 2001, location Swiss Re.
logo Sydney 20. ICLAM 2001 Sydney Australia, April 30 - May 3
Pres.&ScC Rump, Venue Sydney Exhibition Centre
Logo created 1998. Flag 200cm x 100 cm, created 1998, location Swiss Re.
logo Budapest 19. ICLAM 1998 Budapest Hungary, May 24-28
Pres. Fehér, ScC Horváth, Venue Budapest Convention Centre
Logo created 1995. Flag 215 x 150 cm, created 1995, location Swiss Re.
logo Washington 18. ICLAM 1995 Washington United States, September 17-21
Pres. Williamson, ScC MacKenzie, Venue Grand Hyatt Hotel
Logo created 1992. Flag 215 x 145 cm, created 1992, location Swiss Re.
logo London 17. ICLAM 1992 London United Kingdom, September 6-10
Pres. Gill, ScC Rubens, Venue Barbican Centre
Logo created 1989. Flag 225 x 145 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo The Hague 16. ICLAM 1989 The Hague Netherlands, May 21-25
Pres. de Raadt, ScC Duursma, Venue Nederlands Congresgebouw
Logo created 1986. Flag 230 x 160 cm, created 1986, location Swiss Re.
logo Tokyo 15. ICLAM 1986 Tokyo Japan, October 12-16
Pres. Hirao, Venue Hotel New Otani
Logo created 1982. Flag 220 x 165 cm, created 1982, location Swiss Re.
logo Brussels 14. ICLAM 1982 Brussels Belgium, September 19-23
Pres. Jacobs, Venue Palais des Congrès
Logo created 1979. Flag 225 x 155 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Madrid 13. ICLAM 1979 Madrid Spain, September 23-27
Pres. Layos, ScC Zubizarreta, Venue Palacio Nacional de Congresos y Exposiciones
Logo created 1976 based on Unicef logo as UN declared 1979 International Year of the Child. Flag 230 x 155 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Munich 12. ICLAM 1976 Munich Germany, May 30 - June 3
Pres. Kraus, ScC Raestrup, Venue Hotel Bayerischer Hof
Logo created 1974. Flag 225 x 155 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Mexico City 11. ICLAM 1973 Mexico City Mexico
Pres. Rendón, Venue Hotel Maria Isabel
Logo created 1970. Flag 225 x 155 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
Organized by the former Asociación Mexicana de Medicina del Seguro AC, founded in 1944.
logo London 10. ICLAM 1970 London United Kingdom, June 8-10
Pres. Bach
Logo created 1967. Flag 220 x 150 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Tel Aviv 9. ICLAM 1967 Tel-Aviv Israel, March 27-30
Pres. Leffkowitz, Venue Hilton Hotel
Logo created 1964. Flag 230 x 145 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Lucerne 8. ICLAM 1964 Lucerne Switzerland, June 15-19
Pres. Rossier, Venue Kunst und Kongreßhaus
Logo created 1961. Flag 230 x 150 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Lisbon 7. ICLAM 1961 Lisbon Portugal, June 15-19
Pres. Santos, Venue Hospital de Santa Maria
Logo created 1958. Flag 235 x 150 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Scheveningen 6. ICLAM 1958 Scheveningen Netherlands, June 12-14
Pres. Milders, Venue Kurhaus
Logo created 1955. This is the very first time that a conference logo was produced. All "older" logo's were designed and developed in 1989. Flag 220cm x 160 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Aix-Les-Bains 5. ICLAM 1955 Aix-les-Bains France, June 9-11
Pres. Stévenin
Logo created 1989 for both 1939 and 1955. Flag 225cm x 150 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Stockholm 4. ICLAM 1952 Stockholm Sweden, June 8-11
Pres. Bergstrand
Logo created 1989. Flag 230cm x 150 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Rome 3. ICLAM 1949 Rome Italy, June 6-9
Pres. Romanelli
Logo created 1989. Flag 225cm x 140 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
logo Paris 2. ICLAM 1939 Paris France, May 18-21
Pres. Loéper
Logo created 1989 for both 1939 and 1955. Flag 225cm x 150 cm, created 1989, location Swiss Re.
  1. ICLAM 1935 London United Kingdom, July 23-27
Pres. Langdon-Brown, Venue Prudential Assurance Company Ltd. at Holborn Bars
Logo created 1989.Flag created 1989, lost before 2005, location unknown.
  D. AIMECA 1906 Berlin Germany, September 10-15
Pres. Florschütz
  C. AIMECA 1903 Paris France, May 25-28
Pres. Brouardel
  B. AIMECA 1901 Amsterdam Netherlands, September 23-26
Pres.&ScC van Geuns, Venue Aula Vrije Universiteit
  A. AIMECA 1899 Brussels Belgium, September 25-28
Pres. Vleminckx
  Pictures of the original flags taken in 2012 by Begoña Salcedo Bustamente, Artvanguardia Art Research New Trends SL
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