Board members

  • President
    Dr. Rump (Detloff)
  • General Secretary
    and President Elect

    Dr. Teichmann (Gabriele)
  • Treasurer
    Dr. Strasser (Philip)
  • Members (alphabet.)
    Dr. Chouty (Fabrice)
    Dr. Guzel (Zuzanna)
    Dr. Kneepkens (Robert)
    Dr. Villanueva (Ana)
  • Temporary member with 3-year term
    Head of National Organizing Committee of the ICLAM Conference
    Dr. Bhatia (Himanshu)

See the bottom of the page for a picture of the Board members.

Portfolios of Board members
  • Conference content and Award programs
    Dr. Rump (Detloff), President
  • ICLAM Bureau
    Dr. Teichmann (Gabriele), General Secretary and President-Elect
  • Conference finances
    Dr. Strasser (Philip), Treasurer
  • International relationships
    Dr. Chouty (Fabrice), Immediate Past-President
  • Education and cooperation with educational bodies
    Dr. Guzel (Zuzanna)
  • Marketing and membership
    Dr. Villanueva (Ana)
  • ICLAM 2019 Mumbai
    Dr. Bhatia (Himanshu)
  • Technology and innovation
    Dr. Kneepkens (Robert)
  • ICLAM Foundation
Nota Bene
In some countries the academic title "Dr." may only be used by medical doctors with a PhD. On this website the title "Dr." is used for every medical doctor, whatever his/her legal title (MD, MSc, PhD, Professor, or local titles like "drs.").
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